Quantum Materials Corp Update – The Quantum Dot Storm Makes Landfall at CES



Quantum Materials Corp Update – The Quantum Dot Storm Makes Landfall at CES – QTMM Announces Next Gen Processing Reactor Rated for 2 Tonnes/Year Capacity by Mid 2015   OTCQB: QTMM

They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Well, that may be true with many things, but not so with all the cool, cutting edge technology introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show held each January in Las Vegas, which kicked off today and runs through January 9th. One of the marquis categories at CES every year is the realm of flat panel displays – and the quantum dot revolution just reached “Cat 4” status at this year’s show with a number of the planet’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers unveiling sparkling new lines of 4K UHD flat panel displays utilizing quantum dot technology to drive dramatically improved color gamut and overall viewing quality. The early reviews have been extremely positive across the board and are lauding these new display screens as having incredibly realistic color reproduction ala OLED based sets, but without the type of “sticker shock” prices that have kept consumers from pushing these high end sets into the mass adoption category.

As things heat up on the macro quantum dot front, we were also very pleased to see a press release out from Quantum Materials Corp. this morning announcing the fact that they have officially ordered the next generation continuous flow reactor manufacturing equipment capable of cranking out 2 tonnes of high quality, tightly controlled quantum dots on an annual basis. Now in the quantum dot world 2 tonnes (or more precisely 2 million grams) is a MASSIVE volume of quantum dots and would put Quantum Materials Corp. either close to, or possibly even at the top of the heap in terms of annual throughput capacity reached by mid 2015.

Here is a key excerpt from today’s QTMM news release: “We have achieved quality, uniformity and scalability goals with our patented continuous-flow manufacturing process,” said Quantum Materials Corp CEO Stephen Squires, “and so are making the investments in production capacity and people to meet market demand for high-quality quantum dots. We have also made great strides in ramping-up volume production of both Cadmium-core and Cadmium-free (aka heavy-metal free) quantum dots.”

With these new displays being showcased by the top brands in the industry promising LCD/LED like price points (or just slightly higher) for the next generation level product, we see a major opportunity lining up for Quantum Materials Corp. and their unique ability to scale up high volume, low cost quantum dot production – a capability that we believe will be in very high demand shortly as these OEM manufacturers start sharpening their pencils and looking to the very short list of quantum dot suppliers to satisfy what many in the industry expect to be multi tonne per year demand levels as more and more manufacturers shift LCD/LED product lines over to production of next gen 4K UHD along with quantum dot driven high color gamut specs.

Link to the full press release here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/quantum-materials-increasing-quantum-dot-110000815.html

Here are two of the many glowing (pun intended) reviews of these new panels being unveiled at CES: http://www.trustedreviews.com/samsung-js9500-js9000-super-uhd-tvs-review and  http://phys.org/news/2015-01-future-bright-quantum-dot-televisions.html

I have been fortunate enough to be invited to join the QTMM team tomorrow at CES to get a firsthand look at this next generation line of super displays (Samsung’s new line has the acronym SUHD and yes the S stands for Super!) and will be writing up my observations along with some photos of these edgy new flat panel displays in the next post on QTMM – so stay tuned!



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