Don’t Mess with Texas!

TexasSan Marcos, TX based Quantum Materials Corp. Prepares for Commercialization Stage of QDX™ Cadmium Free Quantum DotsTargeting Six of the World’s Leading Flat Panel Display Manufacturers


As we have been told on more than one occasion, everything is just a little bigger down in the Lone Star state of Texas. It is after all the largest state in the Continental US. (Yes we know that Alaska is close to 3 times bigger, but then again Alaska came to the party much later than Texas!). You see, down in Texas the steaks are just a little bit bigger, the hair is certainly bigger – you’ve got “Big D” (that’s Dallas for you non-Texans) and of course you have (or had) JR Ewing’s Texas sized ego. With all the super-sized stuff coming out of Texas we think it’s a bit ironic that one of the next BIG THINGS coming out of Texas is actually something very, very small. Yep, you guessed it: quantum dots – or more specifically nano-crystalline sized “semiconductors” that are just a little larger than individual atoms in size – but have extraordinary capabilities to convert energy into extremely narrow bandwidth, pure-color photonic light emissions, and are now positioned to revolutionize the opto-electronic industry in a BIG way by allowing consumer electronics giants such as Samsung, Sony, LG and host of other manufacturers to redesign standard LCD flat panel displays to materially increase color spectrum levels  – so that they now approach the full range of colors recognizable by the human eye.

 Click on the graphic below to see the full article:


Quantum Materials Corp – Don’t Mess With Texas Post


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