UNDERSTOCKS is an internet blog destination for the discovery and evaluation of highly prospective, early stage micro and small cap publicly traded companies – in most cases well before these stocks become widely known or followed by the mainstream investing public.

Our primary goal at UNDERSTOCKS is to provide our followers with the ability to get an early look at well positioned, early stage microcap stocks that are generally UNDER followed, UNDER appreciated, UNDER marketed and in many cases UNDER valued.

UNDERSTOCKS got its genesis from a number of requests received from brokers and individual investors in our network that voiced an interest in receiving information and updates on new client companies prior to seeing management presentations during non-deal marketing road shows – so we decided to level the playing field and allow everyone in our community to have the opportunity to get up to speed on these companies from day one of a client company’s campaign.

As these companies executes their business plan, we will add timely updates to the blog that keep you informed on their progress and continued upside potential. It’s important to note here that we are not predicting the companies we profile will appreciate in price, we are simply exposing these companies (that we consider to be undervalued at the time we engage with them) to a larger investing audience and our experience has shown us that as more investors see these underexposed companies, they naturally gravitate to a more fairly valued price level and many times that move is in the up direction. Bear in mind that these stocks are highly speculative, thinly traded and many are in pre-revenue stages so it’s important to realize that the opportunity to lose a substantial amount or possibly your entire investment in these stocks is possible. At the same time, the opportunity exists to make phenomenal returns on these early stage companies that go on to fulfill management’s expectations and growth strategies are realized.

At UNDERSTOCKS we focus on technology stocks, med-tech/life science stocks as well as resource stocks (mining and energy). What we will not do here at UNDERSTOCKS is to take on clients that we feel are fully or close to fully valued at the time we start working with them. If we don’t see a significant potential disconnect between where the stock is trading and where we think it should be, we will not take them on as a client. PERIOD. You can visit the blog any time (link: http://understocks/wordpress.com).



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